Students are encouraged to become Individualistic, Efficient and Skilled Learners through strong transition from Middle school to Secondary Level.

In Grade VIII a range of academic pathways are offered to cater for a variety of student needs and interests. Grade VIII includes the compulsory subjects of English Language and Literature, II language Kannada [Compulsory],III Language Hindi or Sanskrit, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History & Civics, Geography, Computer, Art and Craft, Physical Education and sport activities.

In Grades IX & X each student’s Intellectual, Aesthetic, Physical and Cultural growth is strengthened and extended to a foundation course that enables them to excel in the ICSE board examination. A smooth transition from childhood to adolescence adds value to their education. These include the compulsory subjects of English Language and Literature, II language Kannada, Hindi or Sanskrit, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History & Civics, Geography, Computer Applications or Economic Applications and SUPW.

At our upper secondary stage, integration of Science and Technology, bringing Mathematics closer to life and the introduction of integrated thematic approaches to teaching of Social Sciences, are some of the new elements of the curriculum.

Languages emphasis is placed on developing all skills, such as listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking in a balanced manner.

Science and Technology focus is on developing the key concepts which cut across all the disciplines of science and on encouraging learners to improvise simple equipment and design experiments.

Social Science emphasis is placed on the processes of learning and developing academic and social skills rather than mere acquisition of facts.The pace of academic demands is slowly accelerated and, while holistic growth is always the focus, our students are gradually prepared to accept challenges. Our students become aware of the need to set goals and have long-term objectives.

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National Cadet Crops main aim is to create an organized, trained and motivated youth. NCC not only creates soldiers for the nation but it also develops the leadership skills in the youth. “Unity and Discipline” is the motto for NCC. In living up to its motto, the NCC strives to be and is one of the greatest cohesive forces of the nation, bringing together the youth hailing from different parts of the country and molding them into united and disciplined citizens of the nation.
NCC ‘A’ certificate holders will be given 2% of the maximum marks of the examination as bonus marks. This scheme of awarding bonus marks to NCC ‘A’ certificate holders in CAPF recruitment will be applicable in the upcoming direct recruitment examination for the posts of sub inspector and constable (GD).

NCC is fruitful to get career opportunities in the defense sector, the NCC training helps the aspirant in their selection. In civil services also the NCC cadets get some relaxation. In defense & civil services career counseling, joining NCC is a must-suggestion that aspirants get from counselors.

NCC cadets become skilled to take self-importance in them, and the specialized training also powers the spirit of being a real Indian. This motivates them towards joining the armed military forces and providing their 100% when the nation needs them.

If your dream is to join the ARMY then join NCC in Devin Academy for Learning. It provides an opportunity for the students to be trained in NCC under the guidance of Mr Shashi Kumar and Mr Lokesh. National Cadet Captain grooms the students into discipline and patriotic citizens, teaches basic arms training, team ethics various kinds of physical activities, sports, tours, to remote areas etc. These lessons are valuable and make the journey of learning beautifully. One gets familiar with varied leadership traits, develops communication skills, and builds courage.

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