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Devin Academy for Learning School focuses on experiential learning. In order to support this, a variety of activities extending outside the school is conducted regularly. Learning through experience enables the students to grasp the concept faster.


Physical activities are a must for children to make them active all throughout the day. At least an hour of physical activities per day is a must. It has a wide range of benefits for children. It checks into their health, social skills and positive approach towards everything.

Devin Academy for Learning provides various kinds of sports activities and training for sports. We always ensure a balanced environment between scholastic and co-scholastic programs and this way we achieve our mission to provide the best education and overall achievement of an individual.
The sports program at Devin Academy for Learning ensures that the students get the opportunities to contribute an active part in the quest to stay healthy as well as broaden their talents in various types of sports and develop their personalities.

Sport is a major facet where choices are many – Cricket, Football, Tennis, Chess and Karate, the goal being to play well and play fair. Through various games, students can learn the value of teamwork, risk-taking, positive challenges, and exultations. Devin Academy for Learning – Sports activities enable the students to sprout sports zeal, vigor, companionship as well as aplomb.


The school focuses on the following outdoor games:

CRICKET: A team sport that has been played for hundreds of years. It brings out immense benefits to its players. Cricket is a game that increases endurance and above all physical fitness. It has physical, mental and social benefits. It is one of the best forms for proper aerobic workout for your child. Apart from this, it helps them to think tactically. Devin Academy for Learning School understands the importance of cricket in a child’s life and hence provides the best coaching support to develop the student’s interest in cricket in a positive direction.

FOOTBALL: The game involves lot of running, thereby eradicating the risk of obesity in children. It is beneficial to both boys and girls as they get themselves engaged for hours in exercise. Besides, they also learn to be disciplined along with the ability to overcome obstacles. Devin Academy for Learning School has a huge ground to provide football coaching to the students.


The School encourages several indoor games, namely:

CHESS: Several researches as well as studies have proven the positive impact of chess on a child. It is known for strengthening a child mentally, boosting their endurance and self confidence especially in academic research as well as a positive change to overall health. It leads to better analytical and decision making skills.

TABLE TENNIS: It is an important factor that playing a game of table tennis contributes to the development of character as it teaches them to work hard. Students learn to handle success and failure at a very early stage and it increases their ability to handle pressure.

CARROM: The benefits of board games were pushed aside by many as and when computer and video games began to hit the gaming industry. Board games contribute a lot to the development of an individual when compared to computer/video games.


The school focuses on the following Fitness / Co Scholastic Programmes: KISA COMPETITION AND OLYMPIAD : Learning is not a simple activity. It is a complex process that tests students’ motivation, both mentally and physically. We are dedicated to providing a wholesome learning environment to enhance the academic outcomes with KISA Competitions by the CISCE board and Olympiad Competitions for our students.
YOGA : Yoga practice strengthens both body as well as mind. Yoga showers its benefits on any of its practitioners regardless of their physical abilities. Yoga leads to inner harmony of the mind, body and soul. The school understands the benefits and importance of yoga and provides yoga classes to ensure better health and fitness of our students.
TAEKWANDO : Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts, that teaches more than physical fighting skills. It is a discipline that shows ways of enhancing our spirit and life through training our body and mind. School offers all our students this systematic martial art form.
Great pride for Devin Academy for Learning as several of its students showcased their skills in the Uttarakhand Taekwondo Competition and emerged victorious with Silver Medals. Their remarkable achievement reflects their Dedication, Hard work, and the Exceptional training they recieved. Congratulations to Anoop Kumar, Paswan of Grade V & Ateesh Kumar Paswan of Grade VI.
SWIMMING POOL: Swimming is referred to as the perfect exercise. It not only improves muscle definition and builds core strength, it also builds bone mass and enhances lung performance. We take great pride in our swimming pool which is designed to meet all health and safety guidelines. Qualified staff maintains a high degree of cleanliness and proper water chemistry in our pool at all times. Students are always under the watchful eyes of trained faculties and are strongly discouraged from breaking pool rules to ensure the best swimming experience for everyone. Thanks to our swimming pool, our students have the facility for a holistic workout and a whole lot of fun at the same time. Through swimming we hope to inculcate in our students qualities like self-discipline, a sense of time management, and confidence. Whether beginner or advanced swimmer, all our students have access to the swimming pool for physical education..


The duty of a good sports coach is that to help the students who participate in sports to achieve their complete potential. It is his/her duty to encourage the underperforming students beyond the bounds to raise the quality of their performance.


At Devin Academy for Learning, we offer extensive club activities so as to develop the students’ talents in different areas. All studies show students greatly benefit from being involved in extracurricular activities. They develop several benefits from co scholastic activities. These benefits include time management skills, interest towards different areas, staying fit and active and increase in the level of self esteem. The School recognizes the value of the development of individual students’ talents through participation of such activities. Our clubs are designed to stimulate, excite, and give students a structured but enjoyable way to develop social skills and learn new ideas outside the classroom. From sports teams to Language Club, Mathematics Club, Eco club, Heritage and culture club and Interact Club students work and play together in a way that’s fun, fulfilling.

Extra Curricular Activities

Activities for students from KG1 to GRADE 11

The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities for all-round development of each student’s personality and skill sets.

Extra-curricular Activities Offered

  • Music
  • Elocution
  • Recitation
  • Debating
  • Essay writing
  • Dramatics
  • Art and Craft (includes paper-craft, clay modelling, mural painting and origami)
  • Various sports

Principles of honesty, trust, co-operation, self-reliance and hard work are inculcated through these activities. Physical training forms an integral part of the school’s curriculum. Periodic exhibitions and a variety of display boards in the school afford ample opportunities for students to express their creativity and skills.

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